Monday, 14 March 2016

Summer Outfit : The lace up heels

Hi Everyone! 

Wow! it's been a while since I last posted and honestly speaking, I just don't have a good enough excuse as to why I haven't been posting lately. In anyway, what have I been up to? Well, I have decided to take a break from studying. Which at first was a plus for me but then I instantly felt this deep need to WANT to do something with my 'spare' time (I just can't take a break), not that I ever feel bad about it (laughs). It's just that I came to the conclusion that I can just not NOT do anything!!  

I then diverted all that energy into starting a library at my school. I thought it would be a great project to keep me busy, and boy did it! After three months of hard work, at times sacrificing my holidays, myself and my team managed to open something huge for our school. When I started this idea, I didn't start this with the intention for fame or anything. But it seems to be that starting a library is a pretty huge thing in the eyes of 
 community Newspapers and Radio. Which brings me to the point where I would like to thank the sponsors who donated so generously to such an awesome cause! If you'd like to get involved, drop me a comment downstairs. 

About this look though...

Honestly, these past few months have been so incredibly difficult for myself and fam. Heart breakingly, we lost four fam                                                                                                            members in succession and it's been so crazy for everyone. So I kindve used the time to reflect on so many things in life but more specifically my own life: I need to start LIVING. Really really living. I want to do holidays and love what I do even more, I want to inspire, encourage and better the world around me. The idea of death has placed a lot of things in perspective. So throughout all these emotions, the last thing I wanted to do was stand in front of a camera, it actually felt wrong. 
Later in the shoot, it turned out to be exactly what I needed. I needed to feel the 'Normal' Iptishaam again and not the grieving one. So there I was putting my best foot forward with Zeenat from Pursuing Pictorialism. Up until the morning of I had no idea what to wear. I then just opted for whatever I had in my closet but knew that I wanted to do a transition between Summer and Autumn. The Skinny fitted and indigo jeans is a must for Autumn paired with trendy tassled inspired boots. You'll see that  I paired these beautiful lace up heels with this fitted denim piece. The mint chiffon casual shirt have always screamed summer for me when I look at my wardrobe, so I decided I'll pair it with a sleeveless blazer to give my outfit some edge of Autumn. I love the length. I wear it to work at least once a week cause it's such a cool cover up. 

I am also quite STOKED that Stitched The Blog reached a 1000+ followers on Facebook and Instagram. 

I'd like to thank each and every one of you who support my blog and my quest to change the lives of young people. One project at a time. 

This year you can definitely expect much more from me. Better content in terms of regular Fashion look post, competitions, tips for the 21st Century woman to live at her optimum potential. Fashion Look boards, Movie/Book/Travel Reviews as well as my personal Fav, interior design and my very very personal favorite- starting a Teacher Diaries series here on Stitched.

What do you think about my future plans for the rest of the year? Drop me a comment below. You make my day!  



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